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the reason we dont have flying cars or hover boards (the answer is not what you think!)?

I hope there’s bonus marks for next level clickbait titles, because I nailed it!

This is my multimedia response to the Hybrid Pedagogy podcast.  I try to tie in ideas about bureaucracy and technological progress into my response with limited degrees of success.  it was my first time using Adobe Premiere in a long while, and it definitely shows.  Also, I’ve learned not to use a condenser mic to try to record audio in quiet rooms because all it does it destroy the audio.  I wish I had not posted this right before it was due so that it would be buried in all the other submissions, but alas, here we are.  It gets a little silly. I’m pretty happy with that default thumbnail though.  Hope y’all enjoy.  Umm follow my UwinDig twitter I guess?  It’s sure to be a hoot.

Here is one of the bad pictures I made to put in the video.

what a hunk

Also, I’m sorry.  I accidentally did a swear but it was like my 15th take, and I just wasnt having it (its censored though, please forgive me).

Also, technically the meat and potatoes of the video is only like 5 minutes (from like 0:25-5:30) so its sort of within the time limit.


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Edit:  I did a twitter thread as a reflection of sorts… click here for that… or maybe i can embed it? we’ll see…

yaaaay, sort of…

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Too Long ; Did Reimagine: The Meme-Note Version of Ashley Hinck’s “Digital Ghosts in the Modern Classroom” (NOW WITH MORE IRONY!)

Greetings and hello fellow bloggers,

For this week’s assignment I decided to work to highlight the important pieces of the article within problematically-template-crafted and mildly informative memes.

I tried to hit the most important points including:

The Evaluation of Template Software:

A "Matrix Morpheus" Meme describing that the use of template softwares is not true digital media creation

Only when we are truly lost can we be found.


The deconstruction of the “open-ended” project:

A "Success Kid" Meme discussing the dangers of guided open ended projects

A project that appears to have the breadth of an ocean, but in actuality covers the area of a swimming pool is still, for all intents and purposes, a worksheet.


The Problematic Traditional Teaching Mindset

A "Patrick Placement" Meme discussing the Traditional Model of Education.

“Traditional school culture and the banking model of education…views students as containers to be filled with correct answers by teachers.” Ashley Hinck

How Students Choose to Operate:

An "alternate girlfriend" meme focused on students choosing template softwares over their own digital creation.

Students are looking to finish work in the easiest and most stress free manner. They are not doing your 5% assignment to feel fulfilled.


How Students Feel When Their Usual Tools Are Removed

An "Is this a bird?" Meme focusing on the fact that students will feel uneasy when the "training wheels" have been removed, perceiving natural progress as failure.

“When students assume there are linear, standard steps to follow, students perceive their hesitancy and trial-and-error as a failure, rather than an unavoidable and important part of the digital making process.” Ashley Hinck


And Finally, the Solution:

An "Expanding Brain" Meme highlighting the dangers of simply removing drag and drop programs from a project while still expecting the same level of work.

It is not enough to simply remove the training wheels. We must also give them an environment where they are free to practice judgement free.


To create these memes I used a site called imgflip.com that allowed me to pick my template from the archive of the internet and form fill my memes to be exactly what I wanted.

A screenshot showing the easy to use interface of imgflip.com

Easy as top-text, bottom-text, laughter


While I am a proud meme-dad to all present here, “The Solution” is by far my favorite son/daughter/digital-entity because it discusses the problem of just analyzing this situation at face value. If as a teacher you notice your students rarely branch from their “comfort-zone apps” and your way of getting them out of that comfort-zone is just to remove them from use, you are going about this completely wrong. Creation is scary, especially for those who have never done so unassisted and on their own before. ADDING THE PRESSURE OF A GRADE DOESN’T CHANGE THAT! Thus, we must create new projects that revel more in trying out a program and experimenting with its strengths and weaknesses rather than continuing to grade a finished project.

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