Digital Literacy to the Rescue

As I read through each of the parts to the technologist module from Ontario Extend I very quickly got overwhelmed by all of the information being thrown at me.  This whole project was very difficult for me because it was just soooo long and I felt like I had to click on all of the extra links which just added to the insanity.  At some point in this whole process I actually got lost in what I was supposed to be doing and I found myself deep in the internet after going through 5 or 6 hyperlinks in a row.  This seemed horribly ironic to me, wasn’t I supposed to be learning about how to use digital technology to aid in my learning, not hinder it?  After all of this hardship I had forgotten what I had read at the beginning so I had to start over.  Lets just say that it took me a very long time to read this and it was only 1 of the 6 modules!!!!!!! If there was ever a time that I needed to learn about technology and digital thinking, this is the last place I would go.  The explanations of important information was either vague or filled with the biggest words they could pull out of the dictionary.  Of everything that is on this website the most helpful thing I read or clicked on was the Great Tool List.  This is a list of useful tools that we can use as educators in the classroom, just be aware that some have very high learning curves, so don’t just throw one into your lesson without any practice.

Even though I have been bashing this website this whole time, simply because I don’t think it was a good way to portray this information, this topic of digital literacy is extremely important and should be talked about at least a little bit.  That’s why I decided to do a rant for this multi-media reflection.  I found the best way that I could express my knowledge on this subject was to just talk it out and share my thoughts out loud.  In the rant I did my best to stay away from the module and the disdain I have for it so I stuck to the ideas that it tried to portray like digital literacy and how prototypes are very useful things to have.  I hope you enjoy!

Link to my video

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