Technology in the Classroom

After reading the article and examining the Technologist module, I found it very interesting how technology and the classroom intersected with one another. Furthermore, I found that there was one major positive factor that came out of the using the module. More specifically, the use of this sort of module allowed students with many different learning strengths, abilities and methods to be able to participate and interact with the same information. Not only would this allow for an entire class to progress through a lesson or unit at a similar speed (and thus allows the class a chance to come together and discuss the information they are currently covering), but would also allow the teacher to administer the class to a number of different learning styles. Furthermore, I also feel as though the module provided a quality introduction to those students who might not be very technologically savvy, as well as a good refresher for those students who may have been away from technology for a while. In addition, I also enjoyed the fact that the Technologist module emphasized the importance of gaining quality feedback from the people using the module; namely the students. While those who are creating the module might think that every aspect of it have been well-designed, those who ultimately use the finished product might have a different viewpoint. Clearly, gaining realtime feedback from those students who are actually interacting with the technological tools can prove massively useful to the producers of these types of modules. That being said, I feel as though there was a missed opportunity for the producers of the Technologist module. More specifically, the producers could have provided multiple different experiments and activities that teacher candidates could eventually implement in their classrooms. While it was nice being able to experiment with the activities that were provided, I feel as though a list (even at the end of the module) of potential classroom activities could have given users of the module another educational resource. Furthermore, I really enjoyed engaging with the module for this media reflection as it provided a more interactive experience than some of the other previous articles. Overall, I found the module very useful because it provides an effective way to implement useful technology within the classroom.


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