The “Technologist” Educator

For my third Multimedia Reflection (MMR) I decided to create a Twitter Essay based on the “Technologist” (

My Twitter Essay breaks down each subheading related to the article. My essay covers each concept of the article and hopefully the viewers also enjoy the GIFs.

I chose to create a Twitter Essay for my final MMR as I have not used Twitter in over 5 years since I was in high school and I wanted to expand my technological education toolkit as many high schools in the Windsor Essex area are using Twitter in some learning capacity. I felt that this article did a really good job of explaining new ways to use technology and gave great step by step ways to use it in the classroom. It was a great quick read and I was happy to create a Twitter Essay about it.

I felt that the article might have missed some information regarding cyber security, hacking and other components but overall it did a great job. Technology is not a scary thing and us as educators must learn and be ready to use technology in the classroom with our youth in the community. I look forward to any responses regarding my piece and hope you all enjoy it.

  • Adam Teshuba


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