The gist of being a Technologist

As we continue through this digital age, new and exciting technological tools are being developed each and every day. How are we as educators going to find the best tools to integrate into our classrooms?  The Technologist Module Design Thinking Process provides a useful algorithm to aid teachers in selecting the most effective and appropriate technological tools for their individual learner needs.



Early on in our course we learned about the SAMR framework, and were encouraged to strive to use technology in ways that are transformative to a lesson, and not just as a substitution of traditional methods. Similarly, we discussed the domains of TPACK, and the importance of incorporating both pedagogical and content knowledge when we integrate technology into our classrooms. The Technologist Module aligns perfectly with these concepts, as it offers educators a method for which they can successfully select these technological tools.


For this multimedia reflection, I decided to write a Twitter essay outlining the Technologist Module Design Thinking Process. Even as someone who is inexperienced with Twitter, using the platform was simple and effortless. Adding pictures or GIFs was a painless process, and aside from the character limitations there were no hurdles to leap.  Enjoy the tweets!




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