Resources: Moving Courses Online

Now that everyone is musing about how their courses might work online, we are sharing a few resources that might be helpful.

  1.  A very basic intro to moving your face to face (F2F) class design to an online course design:
  2. More detailed tips including how to use Blackboard tools:
  3. Get some serious help from the pros in a quick course:
  4. Planning assessments:
  5. Bonnie Stewart’s OPEN page with reviews on a variety of free tools.  Really helpful if you like using ed-tech:
  6. Getting student feedback.  This can be used for a quick midterm feedback (highlights, lowlights, things to fix), or a more detailed feedback.  These are also valuable pieces of evidence to include in your teaching dossier during the PTR process.
  7. I have not much to say about labs.  There are some software resources with simulations such as and .  I do not think using these will achieve the learning outcomes of my second year course with lab. Plus, developing online versions of a lab is almost as much work as developing a new course (IMO). This is a tricky issue that needs discussion.