DIY: Design Your First Year Seminar

On Jan 16th 2020, our first workshop of the New Year; DIY: Design Your First-Year Seminar in Science took place in Essex Hall 335.

Thank you to everyone that attended!

This event was coordinated by Dr. Dora Cavallo-Medved, Dr. Maria Cioppa, Dr. Phil Dutton, Dr. Chris Houser, Dr. Chitra Rangan, and was supported by a 2019 grant from the Centred on Learning Innovation Fund, Centre for Teaching and Learning.

First-Year Seminars (FYS) are High-Impact Learning Experiences that will be offered to small groups (<24) of first-year Science students starting in 2020. Instructors offer 12 hours of contact per term on fun and interesting topics that demonstrate their expertise and passion to a group of students who might otherwise not take a course in that discipline. Research shows that faculty who offer FYS experiences are able to attract engaged students to their research groups, and find the informal learning atmosphere to be very fulfilling.

Look out for more information on our website and social media for how you can get involved too!