Welcome to my professional portfolio, a place that will give insight into who I am as a person, parent, advocate, educator and life-long learner.  This is where I share my accomplishments, credentials and journey into this honorable field. 

In this portfolio, you will find a page dedicated to each one of the five standards of practice for the teaching profession as set by the Ontario College of Teachers.  These standards serve as a framework of principles that guide my daily practice as a primary/junior division educator.  Together they comprise a vision that I share, echo and exemplify as you will see in the artifacts and reflective narratives presented in each.

You will also find pages on my teaching philosophy, resume and other pertinent documentation.  Without further ado, please feel free to peruse the various pages, artifacts and documents.  It is my hope that you will find something that resonates and makes a positive lasting impression.   I am always available and happy to discuss all things education as well as answer any questions you may have. My email is linked to the contact button below. Warmest Regards,