2019-Present – Bachelor of Education (J/I) – Music

Faculty of Education, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON


  • Two-year consecutive program with focus on junior/intermediate pedagogy
  • Anticipated 90-100 days of in-school placement*

*In-school placements were substituted with self-directed study as preventative countermeasure against COVID-19 pandemic


  • Windsor String Project c/o Marlborough Public School (Windsor, ON) with Dr. Bernadette Berthelotte and Dr. Vanessa Mio (November 17th-December 10th, 2020; March 2nd-April 8th, 2021)
  • Grade 6 Math and Science – Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School (Windsor, ON) with Mr. Perry Bergamo (March 15th-April 30th, 2021)


  • “At Last Forest Schools” with Christine Brown
  • “Content Literacy” Workshop/Presentation with Danielle Desjardins-Koloff
  • “Creating a Culturally Responsive, Asset-Based Community of Learning” Workshop/Presentation with Danielle Desjardins-Koloff
  • “Education Students: Creating and Sharing Open Educational Resources” with Nick Baker
  • “Elementary Report Card Workshop” with Kara Delicata
  • Graduate Education Research Conference (GERC): The Changing Face of Education – Career Presentation” Workshop/Presentation with Stephanie Dupley
  • Graduate Education Research Conference (GERC): The Changing Face of Education – Mitacs Presentation” Workshop/Presentation
  • “Health and Wellness for Professionals” Workshop/Presentation with Jodi Ouellette
  • “How to Plan a Unit with Assessment in Mind” Workshop/Presentation with Kara Delicata and Yvette Lehman
  • “Integrating Indigenous Content into the Curriculum” Workshop/Presentation with Tina DeCastro
  • “Introduction to the New Curriculum and Resources Website” with the Ministry of Education
  • “Knowing Your Elementary Learners: Assessment and Evaluation” with Brenda Corchis
  • “Learning to Meet the Needs of Learners: Some Lessons from the Field for COVID and Beyond” with Jan Foy, Fouada Hamzeh, Peter Phinney, Teresa Piskovic, and Andrea Quaglia
  • “Making Thinking Visible and Engaging Learners K-12” with Laura Callaghan
  • “Master Class – International Students Program” with Michelle Marcuz
  • “Master Class – Pathways, Guidance & Student Success” with Natalie Middleton Bondy
  • “Master Class – Re-engagement” with Amanda Durocher
  • “Master Class – Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)” with Krysta Brosseau
  • “Master Class – Teaching in a Virtual Environment (Brightspace)” with David Gomes
  • “Master Class – Teaching Reading” with Jay Lynn
  • “Modelling Number Strings in the Virtual Classroom” with Ben Gillies
  • “Move On – Why We Feel Angry and Anxious” with Karen Tompkins
  • “Numeracy” Workshop/Presentation with Danielle Desjardins-Koloff
  • “Ontario Provincial Report Cards” with the Ministry of Education
  • “PowerPoint in the Classroom” with Tule Dugan and Stephanie Ly
  • “Practicum Preparation: Preparing to Teach and Learn in a Virtual Space” with Joe Sisco
  • “Ramped-up Read Aloud” with Mike Thrasher
  • “Rocks’n Our World” with Marcia Cunningham, John Gregory, and Fouada Hamzeh
  • “Secondary Report Card Workshop” with Kara Delicata
  • “Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession” with the Ontario College of Teachers
  • “Student Injury Prevention” with the Ministry of Education
  • “Supporting ELLs in the Classroom” Workshop/Presentation with Jan Foy
  • “Teaching Art in Any Grade” Workshop/Presentation with Lisa Galvan and Odessa Lussier
  • “Teaching from the ‘Back of the Class’” with John Freer
  • “Unpacking the Components of an Effective Mathematics Program” with Yvette Lehman, Andrea Lewis-Longmuir, and Kyle Pearce
  • “UWindsor ApplyToEducation Info Session” with Bruno DaCosta
  • “Visual Literacy: The Art of Looking at Art” with Jennifer Matotek
  • “VME Conference – Barriers to Literacy” with Kathryn and Beckie
  • “VME Conference – Experiences Living with a Physical Disability” with Kevin McShan
  • “VME Conference – Keynote – United Way” with Frazier Fathers

2015-2019 – Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) – Voice

Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University, London, ON


  • Four-year doctoral program with monograph focused on Art Song performance and interpretation
  • Studied both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies applied to final research paper
  • Completed four performance events, including solo recitals and ensemble productions

Monograph – The Impact of Expanded, Multimodal Applications during a German Lied Performance

  • Investigated current perceptions and interactions with classical music, specifically German Lieder
  • Examined potential feasibility and impact of expanded, multimodal applications for German Lieder through live performance

Featured Performances

  • The Pirates of Penzance (Pirate King) by Gilbert & Sullivan (2018), directed by T. Baerg
  • Hansel and Gretel (Father) by Humperdinck (2015), directed by T. Baerg

2013-2015 – Master of Music (MMus) – Voice

Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University, London, ON


  • Two-year master’s program with focus on performance literature and interpretation, theory and research, and hands-on application and pedagogy
  • Performed in four major ensemble productions and coordinated and performed two solo recitals

Featured Performances

  • La bohème (Schaunard) by Puccini (2015), directed by T. Baerg
  • L’heure espagnole (Ramiro) by Ravel (2014), directed by M. Cavanagh
  • The Little Sweep (Black Bob/Tom) by Britten (2013), directed by R. Cairns
  • The Rape of Lucretia (Junius – understudy) by Britten (2013), directed by J. Ivany

2009-2013 – Bachelor of Music (BMus) – Voice

School of Music, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON


  • Four-year Honours bachelor program – graduated with Distinction
  • Achieved Dean’s Honour Roll (top 10% in class) and Outstanding Scholar status all four years
  • Coordinated and performed two solo recitals

Scholarships and Awards

  • 2013 – Helen Veldora Bowlby Scholarship in Music
  • 2012-2013 – University of Windsor Faculty of Music In-course Scholarship
  • 2010 – Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association (CIBPA) Scholarship